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TimeFinder is the most effective tool for managing your tasks, planning your day quickly and finding more time to do the things you love.

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Powerful modern features meet a time-tested workflow

Your iOS calendar is good for keeping track of events, but what about your day-to-day tasks? Planning your day on paper or in any ol' To-Do list app can be better than nothing, but what about when plans change? You need a solution for not only managing your tasks, but going with the flow and making the most of whatever life throws at you.

TimeFinder offers a unique unified platform for organizing your tasks and assigning them to your schedule with simple, intuitive gestures. Applying proven productivity strategies like Time Blocking and the Pomodoro method is fun and easy when you can jot things down once and plan your day visually.

  • Organize your ideas and tasks in orderly checklists or add them directly to your schedule
  • Drag and drop tasks directly from your lists into your schedule
  • Instantly import events from your iOS calendars and schedule around them
  • Easily extend the duration of a task to fill a time gap with a tap
  • Create recurring tasks and craft your daily routine
  • All your data is backed up securely in the cloud and available on all your iOS devices, including iPad

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